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Want to improve your bottom line with marketing that’s more strategic and effective?

Try an easy and smart first step. [for nonprofits, too]

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Marketing Snapshot

Energize your marketing and PR strategies, focus your thinking and target your customer(s) with our Marketing Snapshot.  It evaluates your current efforts, your competition, and your potential, even for nonprofits.

You get custom recommendations and the foundation for a custom marketing plan.  Businesses give it rave reviews! Here’s what some Snapshot participants said:

This was a very valuable tool—very impressive.  And it’s nice to find someone who actually listens.— Cindy B, business owner

A really fine job on the Snapshot!  Incredibly thorough… Great effort.  Good observations of the business.  The URA looks forward to working with you in the future… Nice document. I’m sure Voluto is going to find this very helpful! 3 observers, including with Friendship Development Associates and the Urban Redevelopment Authority

The most impressive part of the process is that Randy takes time to listen and understand during the questionnaire and interview process. Paul K., business owner

It was really nice to have someone brainstorm with us and then put it all together into one concise document. Rob & Genalle D., business owners

We got more than our money’s worth!! Bonn M., developer

Marketing Snapshot Benefits

Marketing Snapshot customers Learn from trends, market data or research. Then make smart, informed decisions about your best ROI from your options for marketing and promotion.  Plus, our Marketing Snapshot features low cost, practical, basic and cooperative promotion solutions.

What you get for your investment

At the end of the simple 4-step process, you’ll get a 5-10 page report including:

  • Your marketing strengths
  • Your marketing challenges
  • Your targeted market niches
  • Your Top 10 marketing recommendations
  • Some additional marketing opportunities

Make it happen! First, do you know your basic marketing answers?

Your customized Marketing Snapshot launches with your answers to the 11 Critical Marketing Questions. Then, when we deliver your one-of-a-kind Snapshot, we’ll gladly implement any of your Snapshot marketing recommendations. How? We’ll package a custom FlexTeam to meet just your strategic needs—with no extra parts or overhead!  Guaranteed.

It’s all about developing the strategy behind your creative. 

  • Get fresh ideas and best practices
  • Get a Big Picture of your opportunities
  • Get an evaluation of your current efforts
  • Get a foundation for a marketing plan
  • Takes little of your time—we do the work
  • Costs little to identify future strategies

Launch your Marketing Snapshot today

Your costs range from $1,000 for the most popular Snapshot, to $2,000 for a Snapshot with a reasonably detailed marketing plan outline and budget… or a simple consumer survey.

This approach has been endorsed and funded by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh in The Strip District, Mt. Washington and Friendship.