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We produce brand identities, including logos and messaging.

Are you ready to build or refresh your identity and brand? Want to stand out in the cluttered marketplace?  Randy Strothman & Associates develops branding, logos, wordmarks and identities for businesses and nonprofits, including startups.  Click on the image here to see enlarged samples of our branding and logo design efforts. 

Branding: The Big Picture

Brand and message consistency are a critically important principle in marketing, for both businesses and nonprofits.  But what is a brand?  Here’s a definition we like…

A Brand is more than logos, taglines or clever ads. A brand represents a unique and enduring bond between a marketer and its targeted audience.  A Brand is a promise of value to its markets and a source of pride and unity for its employees. It is an assurance of quality and consistency— a guarantee that the brand will deliver as promised each and every time.

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The importance of brand consistency and some examples

brand standards for logosOnce you’ve established a dynamic visual identity, including a logo, it’s critical to maintain its integrity in all uses and over time.

That’s where clearly defined, technical and aesthetic Brand Standards come in to ensure that all users apply it consistently as part of the brand.  Click the image here to see an example of brand standards for a community logo.


market research for medical-spaWe created and rebranded several marketing tools for a physician: brochure, gift certificate, mailer, magazine ads, referral card, open house invitation and radio spots.  As a result her consistent branding syncs with the style of a new aesthetic service and office.  view consistent branding samples [PDF]

Master Remodelers logo iconsWhile rebranding a home remodeling contractor, our Associates FlexTeam developed an innovative icon system to visually represent the 4 Key Messages of his rebranding effort.

In the specialized area of community and Main Streets branding, read our informative blog post for insights about community branding.


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