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Nightlife on Main Streets: Hospitality Zone strategies in business districts

June 14 2010

For years we’ve done work with Mainstreets Pittsburgh, including with the URA and several Pittsburgh neighborhood business districts.  In some districts there are a variety of problems generated through nighttime activities in bars and clubs. You’re heard about it, with the South Side being one case study.  On June 8th City Councilman Bruce Kraus hosted a conference called Sociable City 2010: Investing in a Safe and Vibrant Nighttime Economy.” (press release) The ideas brought by a panel of experts are a fine compliment to Main Streets strategies.

Revitalize communities & Main Streets with branding & marketing

March 26 2010

Irwin community logoOver the last 10 years Randy Strothman has helped to produce or witnessed several success stories in marketing and branding historic communities and Main Streets. In these communities branding is about somehow embracing the rich past and the tentative present—along with a clear vision for the future.

In the Pittsburgh area here are FOUR EXAMPLES, ranging from a new brand launch in 2010 to one that began 40 years ago.  Perhaps these provide some insights and inspiration for your own community’s marketing. 

A community defends its park: media & public relations for a cause

October 21 2009

Allegheny_Commons_logoIn urban community redevelopment, often you’re either pushing for something or pushing against something else.  Sometimes you’re doing both simultaneously.  It’s the yin and yang of the process. In this case it’s a push back by neighbors against a proposed intrusion into a public, historic park on the Northside of Pittsburgh by a utility company.