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How long does it take for an e-newsletter to have full impact?

February 13 2015

Mailchimp email campaign market research dataDoes it take a day, two or more for an enewsletter to achieve its full impact, meaning the maximum number of people See it, Open it and Click on links?  It may take longer than you think, which could be important for promoting an event, for example.

Here we offer a case study about a recent email campaign for a client. In this simple market research, Randy captured data from Mailchimp’s newsletter tracking service over a period of two weeks to see when resulting activity stopped. The time study data is insightful.  Plus, check out links to other insights from about digital marketing for 2015 and best days and times to send out your email newsletter.

8 strategies for updating or reImagining your website

September 1 2014

Time takes a toll on things—except for maybe a fine wine or Scotch. That includes websites, for reasons ranging from an outdated look to technical obsolescence. If your platform is old, it may no longer be supported with updates or tech support. Expect trouble ahead.

This year we’ve taken on two major updates of websites that were built 4-5 years ago, plus we proposed that an old, mostly dysfunctional third site be rebuilt.  Here are some thoughts about how to bring your marketing website “up to snuff” for the second decade of the 21st century, including making it smart phone friendly.

Marketing is 5% big drama, 95% keeping in shape every day.

September 17 2013

Even for Apple, historically known for dramatic launches of new products, it’s about the day-to-day delivery of superior products and services. If you’ve been to an Apple store, you’ve seen the gold standard for customer service; likely product too.

We say, unless you offer quality in both, then spending marketing dollars is like “eating soup with a fork”—your money just slips through without any ‘satisfaction.’ It’s a waste of effort and dollars. That said, what are the day-to-day, not dramatic, activities of solid marketing?

High praise for one of our small business marketing clients: The Park House

May 27 2013

We believe in empowering clients when possible by setting up marketing platforms that they can/could take command of. Not many do, though.

But Zamir Zahavi most definitely has taken command of his Internet marketing.  And he is constantly refining his business and brand—“Pittsburgh’s oldest and friendliest tavern.”

As a result of his (and some of our efforts), his revenues have jumped 20% each year for the last 4 years. How did that happen?

Deutschtown House Tour highlights 3 decades of neighborhood revitalization

August 16 2011

Sunday September 25, 2011, 11 am – 4 pm

Sliced in half by the construction of I-279 in the 1980s, Deutschtown has been rebuilding and reinventing itself for three decades. The 2011 self-guided Historic Deutschtown House Tour spotlights the momentum of this neighborhood’s decades-long revitalization efforts. It features recently restored and distinctive homes, many built in the late 1800s, and some modern surprises. Showcasing an array of architecture, interiors and styles in 7 homes (and 5 gardens), the tour also offers ethnic music and diverse cuisine at local restaurants.