Photography is a powerful tool in business and nonprofit story telling.

Photos can tell a story that words often cannot, helping to create the buzz every Pittsburgh business or community is looking for.

Randy’s 2016 “Colors Of” series of three photo books

In March of 2016 Randy decided to create his first book—one of photography in a coffee table format to paint a positive picture of his community and Pittsburgh.  It took some time to master the software and create several iterations of each, but over the next six months he published a total of three one-of-a-kind books in his series called Colors Of.  Click on the book covers below to discover more about each or purchase them in his online book store, where you can preview the books from cover to cover.

Colors of Pittsburgh photo book

Colors of Pittsburgh photo book cover

nature photography book

Randy’s personal photography on Facebook

Favorite photos of 2011Pittsburgh photographer

Favorite photos of 2012

Favorite photos of 2013

Favorite photos of 2014

Favorite photos of 2015

Favorite photos of 2016

Favorite photos of 2017

Favorite photos of 2018

.‘Community Portraits’ can paint an inviting picture.

A resident and volunteer in Deutschtown on Pittsburgh’s Northside, Randy has a large collection of photos taken here over several years. Many can be found on the Deutschtown Facebook page.

Deutschtown community photography portrait 2

In addition to his photography, Randy brought his experience in film and video production to the team that created a vibrant, fast-paced promotional video in 2015 for Deutschtown.



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