Film & Video

Randy Strothman’s video production samples

Randy has produced, directed, written and edited numerous films and videos, including for broadcast and for businesses and nonprofits. And, new in 2016, book publishing, featuring his colorful photography.

Here is our reel of seven samples, ranging from documentaries to spots, both film and video, all produced prior to 1995.  (Note: low resolution because of pre-digital technology)

Strothman video reel

Click To Play  This 10 minute sample reel includes:

  • Fred Rogers and RandyDocumentary for PBS, On the Cowboy Trail (1:00)
  • Marketing for Caption America (:48)
  • Spots/promotions for WTAE/ABC (2:00)
  • Fundraising for Hospital Albert Schweitzer (1:20)
  • Marketing for Regional Industrial Development Corp. (:56)
  • Short feature for WQED-TV, Mr. Rogers in Russia (:50)
  • Marketing for Hospital Council software (:54)


Pittsburgh Botanic Garden video for friend- and fund-raising

Click to Play

Produced in conjunction with Phyllis Gricus, Pittsburgh landscape designer and writer, this fundraising video tells the story of an exciting and ambitious new cultural asset now in development: Pittsburgh Botanic Garden(7 min.; written, produced and directed by Randy Strothman)


Video promotion for Deutschtown communityA promotional video for Randy’s community of Deutschtown.

As part of a volunteer creative team, Randy helped to develop this short, fast-paced video to attract a new, young generation of entrepreneurs to his community. It’s about reviving a business district with new energy for the future. And of course video speaks powerfully to this generation.  (3:39 min.; funding proposal, concept and some video by Randy Strothman)

museum promotional videoA video for the Museum of American Art in Alabama.

A retired CEO of a major corporation has passionately collected American art for decades and built an impressive collection.  Watch him bid more than $1 million at Sotheby’s for an addition to the collection, which is worth more than $100 million! (10 min.; produced & directed by Randy Strothman)  Click to play.

iMovie videos by Randy StrothmanBonus:  a few short iMovie experiments

While Randy has been a film, video and photography editor for decades, amazingly he had never learned desktop digital editing!  So, in 2016 he took on some iMovie exercises to learn and build his skills.  Check out 5 short, fun videos he produced during the learning process.  (footage and editing by Randy)


Our Video & Film Awards

(9 listed, out of 33 national awards)


American Film Festival

  • Red Ribbon, On the Cowboy Trail
  • Honorable Mention, Working River

C.I.N.E. Festival

International Film & TV Festival of NY

  • Bronze Medal,On the Cowboy Trail

Chicago International Film/TV Festival

  • Gold Plaque, On the Cowboy Trail

Industrial Film Awards

  • First Place, Ordinary People

National Educational Film Festival

  • First Place, Women of Steel

National Commission on Working Women

  • First Place, Women of Steel

Tokyo Video Festival

  • Work of Special Distinction, Video/Choreography

Film & Video Production Tech Support

In addition, for more than 15 years Randy worked in various technical and creative areas of film and video production. His skills include:

  • Editing
  • Videography
  • Lighting
  • Sound recording & mixing
  • Production management