Randy’s Talents

photo of Randy Strothman While working on scores of marketing solutions for Pittsburgh clients, Randy has honed several skills to benefit clients, including especially strategy development and copy writing for the web and other media.


Is this a talent?  We think so—a very important one.  It starts when we first meet and continues through our work with you.  Tapping what you know about your business and customers is the most important part of building solutions for you.

And it’s nice to find someone who actually listens.— Cindy B, business owner

The most impressive part of the process is that Randy takes time to listen and understand— Paul K., business owner

Copy & Grant Writing

For many clients Randy produces the written copy for various media—from spots to websites and social media to billboards— as well as creative and messaging concepts. He also develops research reports, plans, proposals, sponsor solicitations and more.  His fund raising efforts have raised more than $600,000 for projects.  [Writing Samples]

I am so impressed!  I don’t know how you can take information and change it into something like this so quickly. It would take me 10 years and I still couldn’t do it. Thank you sooo much.—Karyl Troupe, Duquesne University

Project & Progress Management

Over a 30 year period, Randy has managed a variety of marketing and PR projects, ranging in size from $10,000 to nearly $1,000,000. Most required assembling custom creative or strategic teams to get the job done, on time, on budget and on target.

…the marketing plan was fantastic. As usual you just pulled it off so eloquently and got everything in there… great job!Cally Vennare, VP of Marketing at RPS on a marketing project

producing documentary film in Montana

Producing & Directing Film & Video

He has produced and directed numerous film and video productions. They range from commercials to award winning full length documentaries.  View samples.

Such an excellent job. Thanks for your splendid artistic work.—Fred Rogers, Family Communications, on a fundraising video

Information Architecture

Randy enjoys making complex information user-friendly—simplifying, visualizing or condensing complex ideas or research reports. This includes condensing multi-page studies into very user friendly executive summaries. [ sample PDF]  It also includes design for website architecture and features.


Believing in the power of images, Randy continues his interest in photographic story telling. Today he provides this service to clients and to pro bono efforts he values, including for website design. View various portfolios.

Strategic Planning & Organization Development

Through his involvement with Main Streets and with organization specialists, Randy has contributed to strategic plans, progress reports and project evaluations. This includes nonprofit challenges, as well as current corporate issues like globalization, outsourcing, downsizing and diversity.

I love the report! It’s fabulous!… I am so impressed that we’ll get this to them in a week.—Sheila Washington, Washington Consulting Group, on a focus group project for ALCOA

Group Facilitation & Focus Groups

Randy has lead or co-lead planning workshops and facilitated focus groups and working committees. These efforts range from visioning and SWOTs to strategic planning and cultural diversity.

Film & Video Production Tech Support

For more than fifteen years Randy worked in various technical and creative areas of film and video production. Skills include:

  • Editing
  • Videography
  • Lighting
  • Sound recording & mixing
  • Production management