The Associates

We hand-pick a FlexTeam for you from a Pittsburgh talent pool, just to meet your unique needs. No extra parts or overhead.

With a rich mix of his own talents, Randy Strothman orchestrates custom creative and strategic marketing teams to craft solutions for a wide variety of clients. Here are many of the talented experts that make up our Associates group… and we’re always discovering new ones to better serve you.

Robert Sands

Sands-designdesign & branding;  touch screen technologies

Robert Sands is a widely experienced art director and designer who’s done work for several Fortune 500 companies. Very creative and quality-oriented, he also specializes in brand development and has produced major corporate events.

He also is president of Kore Image Technologies with some wonderful interactive technologies.

Robert is also a fine artist and has restored his historic home in an artistic and craftsmanlike fashion.

Click on the image below to see examples of Robert’s print designs. 

postcards and ads for marketing a contractor

George Mendel

mendell photography of Pittsburghversatile photographer

George brings extensive experience, a great eye and high end equipment to the challenge of telling strong visual stories for clients.  We started using him for architectural photography for client Master Remodelers in 2009.  His photography has helped to earn several awards for this contractor.


Rachel Booth

branding, web design, social media, e-newsletters, writing

Bringing creativity, energy, experience and enthusiasm to everything she does, Rachel works fast and delivers quality in an upbeat style.  That includes not only her own online business endeavors, but also to branding, promoting and strengthening whatever community she’s living in.

Dan Wintermantel illustratorDan Wintermantel

design & illustration

Dan is an extremely talented and imaginative illustrator, who also produces excellent basic design. His most way out illustrations also hint at his dry sense of humor and his comfort with the surreal. A part of his creativity is devoted to his family’s fun business,

Shea Murtaugh

media & ad buying

Shea Murtaugh is President of Hoffmann Murtaugh an agency that focuses on media buying:  broadcast TV, cable, radio and print. Easy, even fun to work with, Shea has 15 years experience, in both selling and buying media, in the Pittsburgh market.

Click on the image below to see more of Dan Wintermantel’s creativity!

promotional poster for a tavern

pill photoDon Orkoskey

photography, websites & social media

Don is a multi-talented, community-oriented guy who’s particularly savvy about technology, including websites social media. He gives everything his all, including in line skating.

John Carman

website design & new media

John’s Y-generation-energized Avenue Design Studios produces solutions from communication designers, computer scientists and marketing professionals “to grow branding goals from ideas into tangible returns.” He too believes that the best solutions result from active collaboration between designers and clients.

Archie Carpenter

Photo_by_Archie_Carpenterversatile photographer

Archie is a versatile photographer and a hugely friendly and generous guy. His work encompasses fashion, sports, news, the arts, corporate and more.

Wrecking Crew Media

audio & video production

Energetic JC Carter launched this small but talented production house a few years ago with audio production and music composition.  It has grown to now include video and podcast production.

Campos Research Strategy

market research

Gracious owner Yvonne Campos operates an excellent market research firm that offers “expertise in listening to the voice of the customer.” If you need custom market data to support informed decision making, think Campos.