The future of our marketing support services

April 30 2017

future of my marketingSince we first launched Randy Strothman & Associates 30 years ago, my how the world has changed, including in the marketing arena. In 1987 the Internet was still incubating and it would be 4 years before the World Wide Web opened to the public. Imagine our lives today without the vast digital universe! It’s been fun learning and using all of the rapidly evolving tools of the trade.

Looking forward, I’m modifying my way of working with businesses and nonprofits and being more selective about projects and clients—preferring the ones that are easy, appreciative and enjoyable to work with. We’ll still provide the best marketing support, analysis and strategic insights that we can offer, but likely will not take on projects that require building something and complex project management. Take a website for example. I’ll suggest changes that should improve results, but I’ll not likely take on the improvements. Rather I’ll refer people to others who can do the work.

Pro bono marketing support

Lets call my status semi-retirement, which means seeking less stressful and more meaningful relationships with clients and friends who need marketing support and encouragement. With new found financial security, much of my work will be offered at no or nominal charge.  My pay will be in building productive relationships and in helping people to find success in their professional endeavors.

Currently I’m working with a few select clients on projects that will be unfolding over the next several months.  For example:

•   The launch of a new catering and cafe business by an entrepreneurial friend

•   The 10th anniversary of another catering and cafe business I helped launch

•   The fine tuning of an award-winning architect’s digital marketing

•   Consulting with an artist and arts programmer to improve her bottom line

•   Discussions with a Russian immigrant fine art restorer to improve his branding

•   Providing branding and identity feedback for a faith-based nonprofit startup

Colors of Pittsburgh photo book cover

Pursuing new avenues of creative expression

In addition I’ll be pursuing my 50-year interest in and passion for photography. In early 2016 I took on the challenge to create my first book of photography; I really enjoyed the learning experience and the reactions to the book. Then came two more photo books!  Yikes, I’m now a publisher.  Find out more about these books in our blog post here.  And if you really want to wade into a wide variety of my photography, take a look at my dozens of albums on Facebook.

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