Randy’s third “Colors” photo book features Nature

September 24 2016

nature photography book In early March I decided to create my first photo book, Colors of Pittsburgh: North Shore and Lower North Side. It’s my small tribute to Pittsburgh and the historic community that I moved to in 1997. Then came the second book in the Colors series Colors of Pittsburgh:  Downtown and The Strip District, first published in June. Both books, plus this new one, reflect my passions for color and photography.

Now, in September, it’s Colors of Nature: Nature and Man Embracing Nature, previewed below. This third coffee table photography book pays homage to nature around us, including the wonderful variety of textures, shapes, colors and patterns. I’ve also included examples of man’s use of natural forms in art and architecture and our embracing of nature in parks and gardens.

Colors Of Nature is a gallery of 141 colorful, high quality images I’ve gathered over several years, mainly in Western Pennsylvania, and also in New York, Oregon, Colorado, Maine and Washington DC. But I might suggest that the meaning here is more significant than pleasing “eye candy,” considering concern today for the future of the planet.

Here’s the cover of this 112 page book.

Nature photo book

The chapters of Colors Of Nature:

pp.  2-31 Natural Beauty Around Us

32-36 Portland’s Chinese Gardens

37-41 Pittsburgh’s Phipps Conservatory

42-57 Urban Gardens and Parks

58-65 Softening the Downtown Environment

66-95 Reflections of Nature in Art & Architecture

96-111 Living At the Water’s Edge

Take a quick tour of Colors Of  Nature.

This series of 15 thumbnail full-page spreads demonstrates the wide variety of images, the sequence of the chapters, and the scope of content for Colors 3.

Nature photography book

Nature photography book



Nature photography book

Nature photography book-Chinese Garden

Nature photography book-Phipps Conservatory

Nature photography book

Nature photography book-Pittsburgh

Nature photography book

Nature photography book-Haitian Art

Nature photography book - nature in art

Nature photo book page

Nature photography book - nature motifs in art

Nature photography book- living at the waters edge

Nature photography book - living at the waters edge

Nature photography book

Get your Colors Of Nature book now.

blurb bookstrore for Colors of Pittsburgh photo bookTo get your copy of the book immediately, please contact me directly.  randy@StrothmanAssociates.com or 412-322-9720.  Or purchase it online at Blurb.com in my little bookstore, where you can also preview the entire book… Plus you can preview and order the first two books from these links:

Book 1- Colors of Pittsburgh: North Shore and lower North Side

Colors of Pittsburgh photo book

Book 2- Colors of Pittsburgh: Downtown and The Strip District

Colors of Pittsburgh photo book cover

Thanks for your interest and enjoy! — Randy


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