We’ve launched a YouTube channel with our work & some other favorite videos.

April 12 2012

Taking advantage of this powerful online marketing opportunity, last month Randy Strothman & Associates set up it’s own YouTube channel, to house both it’s work over a few decades and examples of outstanding work by others.  The channel is a work in progress, but a beginning at featuring videos on marketing, fundraising, promotion, advertising and just plain interesting work.

Here you’ll see our pre-2000 video reel of samples of our work that garnered more than 30 national and international awards.  And view our most recent work, including full-length videos for an art museum and a botanic garden. Plus, the work of others we admire for their beauty or insights.

For more than 3 decades Randy Strothman has produced, directed, written and edited numerous films and videos, including for broadcast and for businesses and nonprofits.

Our work, from sophisticated to simple

OUR SAMPLE REEL. First, our pre-2000 video real, featuring clips of documentaries, PSAs, commercials, short features and marketing efforts. Ranges from work for Mr. Rogers Neighborhood to Hospital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti to cowboys in Montana.

ART MUSEUM TOUR. A patriotic retired CEO of a major corporation has passionately collected American art for decades and built an impressive collection in Alabama.  In the video he bids more than $1 million at Sotheby’s for an addition to the collection, which is worth more than $100 million!

BOTANIC GARDEN FUNDRAISER.  This 2012 fundraising video tells the story of an exciting and ambitious new cultural asset now unfolding for Pittsburgh. Written, produced and directed by Randy Strothman working in conjunction with CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center.

SIMPLE IN-STORE PROMO. Randy produced a simple video with Apple’s Keynote software to spotlight the variety of offerings of “Pittsburgh’s oldest and friendliest tavern.” It runs on a large screen HDTV in the Park House. NOTES: 1) There is no audio (it’s a tavern!), 2) this version runs about 3x as fast as the version in the tavern.

FAVORITE 2011 PHOTOS.  Randy is also an experienced photographer, although he still calls himself an amateur.  Here is a diverse variety of photos he took last year, all shot with a great little point-and-shoot camera that fits in his pocket!

A BRANDING RESEARCH VIDEO.  Launching a rebranding effort for a new client, Randy produced a simple Keynote video to show the client how several businesses and nonprofits have created an “umbrella” brand—one that encompasses many products, services and locations.

Work we admire.

Also, on our YouTube channel we’ve captured some very interesting work by others.

STUNNING CARTIER COMMERCIAL.  This long form commercial stopped Randy in his tracks one night this winner.

Just amazing, surreal and beautiful animation!

A work of art! Bold move Cartier.

A 5-YEAR OLD INTERPRETS BRANDMARKS! This simple video of a child commenting on logos of major brands is amusing and insightful.  Imagine 5 years old as you watch this young girl give her impressions of Fortune 500 brands!

Cute, but a little scary about the pervasiveness of branding.

THE BEAUTY OF NATURE @ WORK.  This artful slow-motion photography is so captivating (and relaxing).

Hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, plants.

Stand in awe. While we’re busy with our daily business, nature is doing its work as it has for millennia.

THE PROBLEM WITH SCHOOLS. While this video is about how our education system is locked in the 19th century and failing us today—which sounds pretty boring—the artistic animation illuminates the info in a way that is rare and fascinating.

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