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Marketing & PR are most often about fine tuning rather than the Big Splash.

April 17 2014

fine-tuning-marketing-strategiesLast week we took on a new client and began improving his online presence; that initial work is already showing results.

Earlier in the year, we took on ourselves as a client to enhance our branding and our website messaging.

Similarly, on the subject of fine tuning, last year we posted to our blog “Marketing is 5% big drama, 95% keeping in shape every day.”  With kind of a mixed metaphor title, this post tracks with the same idea in this one.  It’s the day-to-day series of little improvements, some experimenting, and careful tracking of results that ultimately make the difference in your marketing marathon.

Find out more about the goals, strategies and tactics we’re using.

Randy’s favorite photos of 2013, many helping to rebrand Pittsburgh

February 4 2014

Once a year Randy’s creates his “favorite photos” album on Facebook.  Most were taken in Pittsburgh, some in Portland, OR.

iPhone photos1

We’re looking forward to providing new marketing solutions & success in 2014

December 30 2013

Wishing your business or nonprofit the best in this new year.
Happy marketing new year in Pittsburgh

Marketing is 5% big drama, 95% keeping in shape every day: Part 1.

September 17 2013

Even for Apple, historically known for dramatic launches of new products, it’s about the day-to-day delivery of superior products and services. If you’ve been to an Apple store, you’ve seen the gold standard for customer service; likely product too.

We say, unless you offer quality in both, then spending marketing dollars is like “eating soup with a fork”—your money just slips through without any ‘satisfaction.’ It’s a waste of effort and dollars. That said, what are the day-to-day, not dramatic, activities of solid marketing?

High praise for one of our small business marketing clients: The Park House

May 27 2013

We believe in empowering clients when possible by setting up marketing platforms that they can/could take command of. Not many do, though.

But Zamir Zahavi most definitely has taken command of his Internet marketing.  And he is constantly refining his business and brand—“Pittsburgh’s oldest and friendliest tavern.”

As a result of his (and some of our efforts), his revenues have jumped 20% each year for the last 4 years. How did that happen?