A picture is worth 1,000 words especially if you’re an upscale contractor.

May 17 2013

We’ve just updated the look (and messaging) of a client’s website with a new, second animation.  It features not only his upscale work, but several points of marketing differentiation from his competitors.

While this upscale remodeling contractor’s website was originally built in 2009, it never really featured his work unless you drilled down into the site.  Now that’s all upfront, focusing more strongly his online marketing message and targeting his upscale market more precisely.

Here’s a link to the homepage’s double animation, including the new one in the masthead. We believe it greatly strengthens his online brand.  And hopefully it helps to reduce unqualified leads by sending a strong, clear upscale product message.  It will now also serve as a great billboard to make announcements, including for new events or awards. Here’s a snapshot of the homepage with the new header.


This website is part of a multi-faceted online marketing strategy that includes:

Here are a few sample images and key messages in the new website header:

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